Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Boondocking Sites

Whenever we boondock, we usually take a shot of the trailer in its natural setting.  (From now on, I will try to make sure that we take that shot, and I will add it to this collection.)  Here are the shots, in chronological order.  (This does not include photos taken in designated campgrounds.)

May, 2008, on the East Rim of the Grand Canyon (yes, there is such a place):

May, 2008, on the Rainbow Rim of the Grand Canyon:

July, 2008, north of Lee Vining:

May, 2009, south of Grant Grove:

July, 2009, near Ebbetts Pass:

July, 2010, near Big Meadows:

August, 2010, north of Crater Lake -- Felice is standing to the right of the trailer:

October, 2010, at the Goosenecks in Utah:

July, 2011. east of Ft. Bragg:

August, 2011, north of Big Meadows:

July, 2012, south of Bridgeport -- note the tilted awning, to shed the rain:

May, 2013, south of Kings Canyon:

September, 2013, near Virginia Lakes:

October, 2013, near Big Meadows:

May, 2014, northwest of Mono Lake:

July, 2014, northeast of Tioga Pass:

March 2015, northwest of Yosemite in the Hetch Hetchy area:

May 2015, south of Hume Lake:

June 2015, Sonora Pass:

June 2015, Toiyabe National Forest:

August 2015, south of Green Creek:

October 2015, East Fork of the Cimarron River, Colorado:

October 2015, Goosenecks, Utah:

November 2015, Sequoia National Park (virtually boondocking, since it was a deserted parking lot at Lodgepole, and there was no one else in the campground):

June 2016, Eldorado National Forest, near Wright's Lake:

June 2016, Toiyabe National Forest, near Red Lake:

September 2016, Wasatch National Forest, in the Uintas of Utah:

September 2016, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, south of Galena Summit, Idaho:

September 2016, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, north of Galena Summit, Idaho:

A wider view of the trailer at the same site, set against the Sawtooth Range:

September 27, 2016, Inyo National Forest, north of Mammoth:

November 14, 2016, Sequoia National Forest, north of Stony Creek:

August 15, 2017, near Stanley, Idaho:

August 31, 2017, near Wright's Lake, Calif.:

September 5, 2017, northwest of Mono Lake, Calif.:

December 11, 2017, west of Bishop:

December 13, 2017, north of Bishop:

May 22, 2018, south of Wilsonia, Calif.:

September 14, 2018, near Moran, Wyoming:

September 20, 2018, north of Crested Butte, Colorado:

September 25, 2018, near Silverton, Colorado:

November 14, 2018, south of Tioga Pass:

September 29, 2019, near the Hoover Wilderness south of Green Lake:


Ski3pin said...

Nice idea for a photo collection, thanks for sharing some of your special places. Sure beats campgrounds...............but don't tell anybody. ;)

MTWaggin said...

You have camped in some spectacular spots!!!!

TravelswithYoly said...

How on earth do you find these places and how do you know whether or not the road won't narrow you into a spot that you can't evacuate (turn around) ? Love the night sky shots as usual.

Dan Schechter said...

Neil and Yoly, we find the places on Google Earth and with a topo program. Then we scout them with the tow vehicle before pulling the trailer into trouble, just so we don't get stuck without a turnaround. It takes a lot of time and planning, but it is worth it for the privacy and the silence of remote boondocking.

MB Adventures said...

Thanks for the link you gave me. I hope I get to visit these places you camped at especially the dark sky sites.
Harold aka icanon