Monday, May 06, 2019

June Lake: March, 2019

March 10:  There was so much snow everywhere that we could not take the trailer to the mountains.  Instead, we stayed in a rustic cabin at June Lake at the Reverse Creek Lodge.  We stopped on the drive up to admire Mt. Tom, near Bishop Creek, under many feet of snow:

March 11:  We snow-shoed on Lee Vining Creek, below Tioga Pass:

We found a heart-shaped boulder in the stream:

Tioga Pass was (of course) closed to traffic, but the snow had been packed down by snowmobiles, allowing us to hike without snowshoes:

Late that afternoon, we passed by a ruined cabin -- that's Mono Pass in the background.  Incredibly, Felice snagged this shot with her iPhone:

March 12:  Carson Peak was visible from the front door of our cabin:

In the morning, we snowshoed on the June Lake Loop:

We drove out east of June Lake, stopping near Highway 395 for
some views of the skyline -- Carson Peak is in the center:

Parker Peak is on the left, and the Tioga Pass area is on the right:

Just south of June, the trails at Obsidian Dome had been machine-groomed, permitting us to hike instead of snowshoeing.  The ridge at the edge of the dome is behind us -- it is a cliff, about 100 feet high:

In one area, the wind had built a thick cornice along the ridgeline, hanging over the cliff by at least 20 feet:

From the south end of the dome, we could see the Sherwin Peak area, east of Mammoth:

The edge of the dome was so deeply covered in snow that it looked like a huge breaking wave:

The drifting snow blew over the lip of the ridge, creating "snow devils" sweeping across the cliff:

We stood there for quite a long time, just watching the patterns in the snow:

At the base of the cliff, one big obsidian boulder was still visible, wrapped in layers of drifted snow:

As we were hiking back to the truck, a storm was coming in over the dome:

It cleared up late that afternoon; we could see banners of fresh snow blowing off of Carson Peak:

March 13:  We went skiing at June Mountain -- almost no one else on the hill, ten feet (or more) of snow, a thin layer of fresh powder over the solid base, clear and cold.  That's Mono Lake in the background on the right:

I'm pretty sure that's Parker Peak on the right:

The runs were completely empty:

March 14:  We drove north to the Virginia Lakes area.  The snowpack was thick -- that's Dunderberg Peak just to the right of center, and the Virginia Lakes area to the left of center:

This is almost the same shot, taken during the autumn:

Virginia Lakes Road had been packed by snowmobiles, enabling us to hike instead of snowshoeing:

The further we went, the more the views unfolded.  We decided to use our backpacks and poles as our stand-ins:

The familiar "Toiyabe National Forest" sign was almost completely buried:

Walking along this familiar road was pleasant (and easy); the only problem was finding a place to sit and eat our iconic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:

As we headed back to the cabin, the views from Conway Summit were excellent.  The Mono Craters were reflected in Mono Lake:

We wanted to take our usual boot shot, but someone else had already provided the boot:

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Ski3pin said...

What spectacular country you have shared with all of us! The fun you two have together on your trips comes through so nicely in your posts. Nice form skiing, by the way - quiet upper body and surrender to the fall line. Nicely done and thank you for sharing.