Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Costa Rica, July 2003

In July of 2003, we spent in two weeks in Coast Rica. It was the rainy season, but that was the only time that we could go. We started out with a fairly rugged tw0 day rafting trip on the Caribbean side:

The water was muddy but clean; in some of the calmer areas, we were able to get off the raft and float in the river:

We stayed overnight at a primitive lodge in the jungle:

Along the way, we passed several waterfalls. Ben jumped from one of them:

We then moved over to the Pacific side near Manuel Antonio National Park. Plenty of wildlife in the trees:

And plenty of wildlife on the riverbanks:

We went bodyboarding during a thunderstorm -- these waves look bigger than they really were (only about 3 feet):

The sunsets were gaudy. This picture is not retouched:

Neither is this one -- that's really the way it looked:

We then spent several days up in the Monteverde rain forest -- a very adventurous drive, with potholes the size of bathtubs. Felice seemed to enjoy the zip line: