Saturday, January 06, 2007

Yosemite, January 2007

Felice and I spent the first several days of 2007 in Yosemite, hiking and snowshoeing. The first view of the valley after Wawona Tunnel is always exciting. [Remember to click on the pictures to see them full size.]

One evening, we hiked up the south wall of the valley and watched Half Dome turn orange in the sunset.

In honor of Ansel Adams, I turned a couple of the pictures into black and whites. Here is the full moon rising over Half Dome.

These snowy boulders were reflected in the Merced River.

This herringbone pattern was made by a few slanting logs reflected in the river.

We snowshoed up to a fire lookout tower near Crane Flat. Apparently, a mountain lion got there before we did.

The day before we left, it snowed several inches. The next morning, we took a hike near our cabin. The trees and bushes were all coated with snow and ice.