Monday, August 04, 2008

Eastern Sierra, July 2008

We spent about a week near Bridgeport, Calif., camped at about 9400 feet in the Toiyabe National Forest. This was true "boondocking" -- no campground, no water, no nothing -- we had to bring it all with us. Very cool, quiet and peaceful (except for a few folks on dirt bikes):

Our first hike was up to the top of the Virginia Lakes Basin -- the area above treeline (about 11,200 feet) was wild and windblown:

The Lundy Lakes area was filled with waterfalls and wildflowers:

These are columbines:

I am told that this is foxglove:

These are leopard lillies:

We next hiked the Green Lakes basin -- we made it all the way up to East Lake in the Hoover Wilderness on a hot day:

We headed over to Tioga Pass in Yosemite and hiked the Twenty Lakes Basin, mostly above the treeline:

On our way south, we stopped off at Rock Creek. Mt. Morgan lies to the southwest of the canyon:

Our last hike was up to Kearsarge Pass from Onion Valley, a 10 mile round trip with a 2500 foot elevation gain up to 11,760 feet:

The trail was very well graded and maintained, but it was a big day for us. Felice relaxed by a stream while I took endless "wildflower & waterfall" pictures: